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Puryearville School

It may be believed that this building and location served was the meeting place, church and school for early Puryearville residents during the early 1800s. Some believed that this was the meeting place for the Puryearville church. There is no evidence that an actual church was ever built although there was land donated and deeded for that purpose. After the Civil War and around the turn of the century this building used as a school for the colored citizens.

Puryearville School was considered the "colored" school after the turn of the century located next to the present day Pilgrim Rest Methodist Church. The school went from the 1st to 10th grades. The school only had three teachers: Dewitt Tait, Charles Stallworth, and George Davison. The Principal was Professor McCastle. The school year ran between October and April leaving the remainder of the year for students to plant and harvest crops.