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Joe & Hettie Watson

Joseph Lee (Joe) Watson born in 1919 and died in 1991 and Hettie Irene Tait was born 1918 and they both were raised in Burnt Corn, Alabama and was married on Nov 5, 1938. They had a total of eleven children.

Joe Watson was the son of Alfred Mobley Watson and Elvira Armstrong. Joeís grandfather was William (Bill) Watson and grandmother was Victory McMillan on his fatherís side. Little is known about Bill or Victoria parents but is generally believed to be a mixture of slaves and Indians. His grandfather and grandmother on his motherís side were Jack Armstrong and ___________. It is believe that Jackís father was named John and not sure who he married. It is believed that Joeís great grandparents were slaves and Creek Indians. Joe had a child by Elizabeth Lett before marriage by the name of George Lee Lett.

Hettie (Tait) Watson is the daughter of James (Jim) Tait and Irene Marshall. Hettie grandfather on her fatherís side was a white man by the name of John Dukes and her grandmother was named Hettie Tait who married a black man by the name of _______________. Her great great grand parents were John and Rachael Tait. It is believed that James and Rachael parent were slaves. On her motherís side, Hettie Irene (Tait) Watson grandparents were Nellie Lee and George Marshall. Her grandmother Nellie Lee parents were Joe and Fannie Lee and believed that their parents were slaves. Her grandfather, George Marshall parents were Bill Marshall a white slave owner and a slave girl known by the name of Ann.

Joe and Hettie had eleven children: Alfred Mobley (Lewis) born 1939, Margaret (Louise) born 1941, Joseph, Jr. (Sonny) born 1943, Dorothy born 1945, Gloria born 1949 (died at age 2 months), Betty Ann born 1948, twins Vernon and Vernetta born 1951, twins Annette and Paulette born 1953, and Donald Ray born 1958.

Alfred Mobley married Kathy Keesee and they had no children of their own but had one adopted son Chris Booker born 1957. However, Alfred had one daughter by Juanita Cunningham before marriage named Valerie Cunningham born 1962. Valerie married a Stubblefield and had two children: Brandon born 1990 and Brittany born 1994.

Margaret married Ulysses Vawters born 1938 and they had three children: Ulysses Jr. born 1961, Sherry born 1962, and Micah born 1971. Ulyssee Jr. married Kim Buford born 1961 and they had four children: Trisan born 1982, Ryan born 1983, Seth born 1984, and Kyle Ann born 1991. Sherry married Kelvin Holland born 1963 and they had two children: Aziza Louise born 1992, and Malachi born 1998. Micah married Sherma Frett born 1971 and had two children: Logan Joseph born 1997 and Kennedy born 2000.

Joseph Jr. married Liz __________ and they had no children together but Liz had two girls from a previous marriage by the names of Jackie and Elaine. Joseph Jr. and Liz eventually divorced. Joseph since had a daughter by the name of Shada Vertessa born 1994.

Dorothy married David Duritte Henderson born 1942 and they had two children Debra Elaine born 1964 and David, Jr. born 1971. Debra married Kelvin Holloway and they had two children Kelvin, Jr. born 1992 and Jamel 1994. David Jr. married Mary Jane Becker born 1970 and they had three children: Duprise Yvonne born 1992, David III born 1994, and Dominique Marie born 1997.

Betty Ann married Barry Moore born 1948 and they hand no children.

Gloria died two months after her birth in 1949.

Vernon (twin to Vernetta) had a child before marriage by Denise Betts and her was name Terra Betts Watson born 1972. Vernon married Mary Lynn Lambert born 1953 and they had two children: Vernon Terence II born 1984 and Monique Lynette born 1991. Vernon Terence II has a child by the name of TíAnna Mariah born 2002.

Vernette (twin to Vernon) married Freddie Blackburn born 1948 and they had no children.

Annette (twin to Paulette) never married and had no children.

Paulette (twin to Annette) married Johnny Williams and they had two children: Justin born 1988 and Megan 1991.

Donald Ray had one child before marriage with Mary Lou _____________ by the name of Shawn born 1980. Ray married Denise Burch and had they had two children: Jasmine born 1987 and Jeremy born 1989. Ray and Denise divorced and he later married Gloria Barber and she had one child, Sterling Barber Watson born 1992.